Gophers fans get a glimpse of game day

The Game Day Preview will be open to all students, season ticket holders and those who helped build the stadium.

If the Gophers return to on-campus football Sept. 12 seems too far away, fans can get a preview of the unveiling of TCF Bank Stadium this Saturday when the Gophers host a Game Day Preview. Open to all season ticket holders, students and the construction team that built the stadium, the Gophers scrimmage provides fans with the first chance to preview what the TCF Bank Stadium experience will be like come game day. Any University of Minnesota student will be able to attend the game day preview for free. Students only need their U-Card to attend the game, and will enter through the student entrance. Calling it the equivalent of a preseason game, head coach Tim Brewster said the chance to experience a game day atmosphere, complete with fans and pre- and post-game activities, is something that will benefit the players and staff come Sept. 12. âÄúWeâÄôre going to get a chance to play a game type of experience with fans, and I think itâÄôll be very positive,âÄù Brewster said. âÄúI love it, that weâÄôre going to be able to get in there under game conditions, and I think itâÄôll really help us.âÄù While the experience is meant to give fans a preview of the game day festivities, the actual play on the field will more likely resemble spring practice. Consisting of four 12-minute quarters with the clock running continuously, Brewster said he intends to play this scrimmage close to the vest to avoid giving away any potential schemes or plays to opposing coaches. âÄúWeâÄôll be very vanilla on Saturday and obviously weâÄôre not going to expose a number of things,âÄù Brewster said. âÄúWeâÄôre just going to play base offense and base defense and kicking game and try to execute extremely well.âÄù Veterans such as Adam Weber and Eric Decker will likely not play the entire scrimmage. Instead, Brewster said the game will give the younger players, such as first-year receiver Bryant Allen and defensive back Michael Carter a chance to show off their skills for the first time in front of Minnesota fans. âÄúTheyâÄôre all going to play quite a bit, and deservedly so,âÄù Brewster said. âÄúTheyâÄôve put themselves in a position where we think they can help our team.âÄù While the preview gives fans a first chance to enter the new stadium, it will also allow the players, such as sophomore running back Duane Bennett, to experience TCF Bank Stadium with a crowd in the stands for the first time. âÄúI think having that crowd come for the scrimmage will be a great opportunity for us to get a feel of what game day will be like,âÄù Bennett said. âÄúSeeing the hard work that theyâÄôve put into the stadium, and now finally getting a chance to step into our home, I think itâÄôs a really great opportunity.âÄù