Quit stalling on marijuana

In March, the Duluth News Tribune opinion page asked whether marijuana should be reclassified for use as a chronic pain relief medication. The legislative relief afforded by a bipartisan bill introduced by a trio of United States senators would follow the lead of western states such as California, Colorado and Washington acknowledging that marijuana prohibition should end now.
Evading the issue by requesting further medical research does not serve the best interests of millions of Americans. There is a need for a simple, efficient process that alleviates chronic pain. The variety of medicinal delivery alternatives available in Colorado — including candy bars, cookies, gum drops, coffee, tea, bud and vapor-inhaling devices — attests to the commonality of the medicine.
I encourage all adults to contact their congressional representative and Minnesota’s two senators to voice support for the bipartisan proposal being put forth in the U.S. Senate to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II medicinal option for all adults who choose to medicate using this organically grown product.
It is time to bring this issue out of the closet, as a feature in the News Tribune suggested, and dedicate the tax revenue it would raise to worthy social causes that assist Minnesota citizens to rise out of poverty. Data from 2014 indicates that Colorado raised $44 million in additional tax revenue. Minnesota should follow Colorado’s lead.