Martin Olav Sabo

Democrat Martin Sabo hopes to remain in the District 5 seat of the U.S. House of Representatives.
A constant supporter of gaining federal funds for higher education, he helped in securing money to build the Basic Sciences and Biomedical Engineering buildings.
“We’ve worked very closely with the University and have made large increases in the past year,” Sabo said. These increases include a tax credit adoption in 1997 and increases in the Pell Grant.
Another University issue, he wants to increase the availability of affordable housing.
Although dedicated to higher education, Sabo said he wants to pay more attention to early childhood education.
Sabo said he is pro-choice and said has been since before Roe vs. Wade. He is also opposed to the death penalty.
Focused on financial issues, Sabo wants to regain the position of chairman of the House Budget Committee if Democrats win the majority in the November elections.
Some of these financial issues are increasing the minimum wage and decreasing the income disparity between high- and low-end incomes. Additionally, Sabo is pushing to find a long-term solution to Social Security.
“We need to work within the system to get things higher on the agenda,” Sabo said.