Weekend Round-Up: Samuels challenged, wait continues in Senate trial

by Mike Rose

Is your bracket in tiny little shreds on the floor like mine? Well, if not, I commend you. However, if you were on the Pitt bandwagon like me…yikes. Anyways, the Elite Eight continues today with games at 1:20 and 4:05. Also this weekend:

Samuels faces challenge: City Council Fifth Ward incumbent Don Samuels won DFL endorsement for a second full term Saturday, but it took three ballots to overcome a challenge from Kenya McKnight, the Star Tribune reports. The Fifth Ward encompasses the southern portion of Minneapolis’ North Side.Wait continues…and continues…in recount trial: MinnPost’s Jay Weiner offers an analysis of what could be going on in the case that ended March 13 and is awaiting a ruling from a three-judge panel. Weiner says it’s possible the judges could offer some sort of interim ruling soon, such as how many rejected ballots should actually be considered. Or, the long wait could mean a full, final ruling will be coming soon. Somali girls take to the gym: Lastly, interesting AP article on "girls nights" for young Somalis at the Brain Coyle Center in the Cedar-Riverside area. Twice a week, the girls have the gym to their own, where they can shoot hoops and cut loose, without needing to wear scarves and long skirts for religious modesty. Volunteer Jo Ann Buysse, director of the Sports Management Program at the University of Minnesota, cheerleads and encourages the girls, and she’s also looking to possibly expand the events to include swimming at an old University pool.

In case you missed Pitt’s undoing, here is the (instantly) classic finish:

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