A transparent rental process

The renter’s survey could provide students with helpful information about landlords and properties.

by Editorial board


For most students, college is full of new responsibilities, opportunities and experiences. One of the more important experiences students will take part in is the process of looking for and renting property around campus to live in during the school year. Whatever outlet students use to find housing, from Dinkytown Rentals to Craigslist, they deserve open access to previous rental history, as well as a listing of landlords’ qualifications and evaluations from past tenants.

The Minnesota Student Association began work on re-developing the format of a student renter’s survey in October, the Minnesota Daily reported. The survey was originally developed after a tragic house fire that resulted in several student deaths. The updated survey has now been sent out to renters living within the University of Minnesota community. Several surveys per building must be completed and turned in so that responses can be validated and the information can be added to the overall data being compiled. In order to gain as much information as possible and improve the renting process around campus, every student receiving the survey should feel encouraged to complete it.

Students shouldn’t have to sign a rental contract feeling unprepared or devoid of additional options. Accountability is important in the rental market, and information on landlords and rental companies should be made public so that the renting process may become more transparent and lead to more informed consumers. The data collected is not expected to be released until at least the end of the month. We recommend that every student receiving the survey completes it and adds their renting experience to the overall image of local renters being collected.