Daily Digest: Tea time for tax day

by Mike Rose

Busy Wednesday, gang, so jumping right in…

Tax day is tea day:Today marks the national deadline for filing income tax returns, and to mark the occasion, many Americans have been or will be participating in a "Tea Party" protest aimed at government spending, the New York Times reports. There are several planned in Minnesota, including an evening gathering at the State Capitol in St.Paul.(Photo at right: A Tea Party participant in Washington wearing tea bags on her head. Courtesy New York Times ) More HIV cases in Minnesota:Minnesota saw 326 new cases this year, the third year in a row the state has seen the rate go up, according to Department of Health numbers. Public health officials are concerned about a sharp increase in the number of new cases reported among young men aged 13 to 24, many of whom are gay, according to the Star Tribune. Earlier this month, the Daily reported that the state saw an increase in sexually transmitted infection cases, though campus actually saw a decrease.Water consumption a problem with corn-ethanol:A new report from the University of Minnesota details that while Minnesota has cut down on water consumption when producing ethanol, many states haven’t. The lead author of the report told MinnPost that the bigger problem is in fact irrigation–many Southwestern states that have to bring water in must use much more of it produce corn-ethanol.