News Companies Cash in on Coverage

by Spencer Leuning

It seems that news companies have cashed in on their election night coverage.  The Associated Press reported today that a record-setting 70 million viewers, or 48 million households, watched the political coverage last night.  MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News websites all shattered records due to the vast amount of people clicking in to their political coverage.  Wondering which network had the most prime-time viewers? That prize goes to ABC.  But in the end, CNN took home the most prestigious honor with the most watched network of the night, proving that the cable network in fact can beat their broadcasting counterparts (ABC, CBS, NBC).  Perhaps it was that hologram of Will-i-am that attracted the vast amount of viewers.

 One thing is certain when analyzing the numbers from Tuesday: America had a fascination with what was happening.  These numbers prove that never before has America been so intrigued and involved in what the political show had to offer.  In a separate story on, copies of the New York Times were in scarce supply Wednesday due to people wanting to keep a piece of the history that was made.  History was indeed made, and even more so, proved that America still is highly intrigued and interested in the political process. But will the fascination wane?