Obama wants penalties for uninsured

Assessing a fee on the uninsured drives up costs for the young and the healthy.

According to Census Bureau, there were more than 46 million Americans without health insurance in 2007, and these uninsured, say President Obama and a wide array of medical professionals, drive up the cost of health care for everyone else. If an uninsured person has a medical emergency, she goes to a hospital where, under law, doctors and nurses treat her first and ask for payment later. But no insurance often means no payment for these services. Others who can pay are in turn charged higher prices to make up for the losses. Because of this, President Obama introduced another plank of his health care reform package: a requirement for each individual American to purchase health insurance. Young, old, healthy or chronically ill, you will pay a federal penalty if you go without coverage. Obama warned the uninsured this weekend, âÄúWe’re not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you anymore.âÄù But if the uninsured are such an expensive burden, Obama should fight to repeal laws that demand the payless servitude of our medical professionals. Instead, Obama would penalize the uninsured, like the quarter of adults under the age of 29 who canâÄôt afford it already or donâÄôt want to pay for services their healthy bodies probably wonâÄôt need. According to President Obama, forcing good risks like the young and the healthy into the pool will bring down costs for all. In reality, forcing the young and the healthy into the pool simply drives up costs for the young and healthy.