Offensive Easter cartoon

by Maura Clement

As a member of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Roman Catholic population, I was shocked today when I opened my copy of The Minnesota Daily to the editorials page and saw a political cartoon entitled âÄúThe Catholic Easter bunny.âÄù The artist depicts an Easter bunny luring children into a van where a seemingly pedophilic, evil-looking priest awaits them. Why did the editors of our college newspaper feel it was appropriate to attack Catholicism in such a way? The UniversityâÄôs mission statement professes to provide âÄúan atmosphere of mutual respect, free from racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice and intolerance.âÄù The DailyâÄôs cartoon displayed a blatant lack of respect for the UniversityâÄôs Catholic students. As a young Catholic, of course I was deeply shocked and saddened by the molestation scandals. However, Easter is the celebration of ChristâÄôs rising on the third day nearly 2,000 years ago âÄî not a day where Catholics go seek out children to molest. The editors had a serious lack of judgment when they decided to run this piece of hateful and ignorant âÄúart.âÄù Maura Clement University undergraduate student