Ellen’s gay … so are thousands of others

It has got to be a tough gig being a homosexual in the age of “political correctness.” Who really cares that this is America, “the home of the free?” The country that prides itself on being the nation where “all men are created equal. …”
A recent cover of Time magazine boasted Ellen DeGeneres, star of the hit sitcom “Ellen,” announcing that she was indeed gay.
Speculation on this matter has been running rampant over the course of the past few months; it almost became a matter of national importance. Still it prompts many self-respecting citizens to ask the ever-lingering question: “Who really gives a damn?”
Yeah, she’s gay. So are hundreds of thousands of other people.
Nonetheless, there are still several simpletons out there who can’t find anything better to do with their time than make a big brouhaha — one such example being the American Family Association, a radical right organization dedicated to upholding “family values.”
And what better way to uphold the moral fabric in American society than by targeting a source of such moral depravity as the show “Ellen?” Let us not forget the sitcom is produced by the Disney corporation, the symbol for all things good and pure. …
The American Family Association has compiled a list of the three leading “Ellen” advertisers from Jan. 1, 1997 through March 22, 1997. In an attempt to get the show off the air, the group is encouraging its followers to contact these advertisers and “politely” ask them not to sponsor DeGeneres’ show and stop pushing the “homosexual agenda.”
Are they planning on weaving an evil, mindlock web around America’s television viewing public in an attempt to brainwash them into their “way of living?”
Probably not. Oprah has been doing this for years; no one is sabotaging her advertising.
It becomes increasingly hard to editorialize against such narrow-mindedness. Hey, people are gay … get over it. Is bigotry a family value we want instilled in our children? Hopefully not.
People aren’t gay by choice, and even if they were … so what? “All men are created equal.” Apparently, this doesn’t mean anything unless one is straight, but even then it doesn’t mean a helluva lot.
Unfortunately, we’re a country built on hypocrisy. It’s a shame people care more about Ellen’s sexual orientation.
This staff editorial originally ran in The Daily Sundial at California State University–Northridge.