A letter to anti-war protesters

I support anybody protesting anything. But just because you have the right to protest doesnâÄôt mean that anyone should take you or your ideas seriously. That becomes much harder when you advocate actions that would no doubt lead to complete chaos in places like Afghanistan. It takes many fronts to win a war, and thatâÄôs why Ross Anderson wrote about âÄúbuilding water-treatment plants, schools, roads, bridges,âÄù in his column last Monday. Our military is far from perfect but they are trying to build infrastructure to help create stability. But apparently, Students for a Democratic Society adviser Tracy Molm knows âÄúthe reality of the occupationâÄù overseas, and that âÄúAfghan people do not deserve for us to treat them as though they canâÄôt govern or deal with the situation in their own country.âÄù I guess she wanted their corrupt government to respond to Sept. 11 for us against a Taliban insurgency that even challenges our forces. She must like the fact that women couldnâÄôt be educated under the Taliban, and that poverty and disease ran rampant, but anything for sovereignty right? The reality is that right now there are extremists that want us all dead. I didnâÄôt truly internalize that until I started sporting an Afghan tan while dodging mortars and saluting fallen comrades. So have an opinion about the politics that got us into these places, but remember that great things are happening for many people while weâÄôre there. Dan Ochs University student Afghanistan veteran