Build the Duluth railway

A high-speed train to Duluth would make travel easier for students.

by Editorial board

Plans to build a high-speed railway from Minneapolis to Duluth are coming along, but not without opposition. Despite the high cost of the project, the Northern Lights Express would be a significant step in improving transportation in the state, along with making travel simpler for passengers.

The estimated $750 million cost could give some people sticker shock, but itâÄôs important to examine the benefits of the project. A railway from these two major cities would provide a better alternative to driving. The NLX would bring passengers to and from Minneapolis and Duluth in a little more than two hours. In addition to helping the environment, it would also save many people from high gas prices. Plus, it would provide an economic boon to the state both during and after its construction.

The project is also expected to provide about 13,800 jobs, according to the NLX website. This is an important benefit of the railway project. With unemployment rates high, the railway would help thousands of individuals in need of work.

U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack has already spoken out against the railway. Cravaack doesnâÄôt support the project because he says it wonâÄôt pay for itself, and proposes to use the money for roads and bridges.

The railway would be a much better use of the money; roads and bridges donâÄôt pay for themselves either, and they also donâÄôt recoup any money from users. The high-speed train would make travel easier and more accessible for all, while helping the environment and saving gas money.

This project is an important step in expanding transportation options around Minnesota, and the state should move forward with it.