Many unpaid internships illegal

A lack of paid internships adds to the burden of college costs.

by Adam Kaner

I was pretty underwhelmed with the April 22 article âÄúUnpaid internships under investigationâÄù in The Minnesota Daily. It is an important and relevant issue, but much of the real issue was lost in lukewarm anecdotes. The current reality is that most unpaid internships violate one or several of the Fair Labor Standards Act criteria, making them illegal. Rather than focus on this, we were given unproven anecdotes by the representative for Marco Polo Advertising. The assertion that interns will perform worse when being paid is ludicrous and unfounded. There is no study or evidence to suggest this is the case. The idea that a company is entitled to a âÄútrial periodâÄù on the basis of not knowing âÄúwhat to expect from an individualâÄù is also completely ridiculous. ThatâÄôs why you have an interview process, so you know what each individualâÄôs skills and talents are. While IâÄôm interested to see Antonio Lizano demonstrate his lack of business knowledge in the public space, it is not constructive when addressing this issue. The focus of this article should have been on the rocketing costs of college coupled with the significant increase of unpaid internships or decrease in paid internships. For many students paying their own way through college, unpaid internships are not a viable option. Adam Kaner, University undergraduate student