This spring’s fina…

This spring’s finals edition of The Daily reprints important and interesting stories that have run in the newspaper since it was first published in 1900.
Reporters dug through old issues of the paper and scanned microfiche to come up with a broad sample of articles. Our photographers scoured photo archives — The Daily’s as well as those of the University and the state of Minnesota — to find images that best represent important eras in the University’s history.
Over the years, The Daily has recorded the campus’ reaction to several memorable and often tragic national events, including world wars, the assassination of two U.S. presidents, communist witch-hunts and the discovery of AIDS.
The newspaper has covered first hand everything from football victories and riotous student protests to the orations of professors and groundbreaking academic research.
Articles from the Ariel, a forerunner to The Daily that was first published in 1877, are not included in this issue.
Except for minor changes in spelling and grammar, the following articles have been reprinted verbatim. Headlines have been rewritten, however, to fit the theme of this issue, and photographs that appear may not have run in the same past editions as the stories they accompany.
We have not edited the content or language in any of the articles so readers will have a better sense of the tenor and flavor of the times in which they were written.

–Gregg Aamot