Piper Palin Loves Louis Vuitton

by Kara Nesvig

Piper Palin, Sarah P.’s 7-year-old daughter, has been snapped by photographers toting a Louis Vuitton bag all over while Mommy (who got $150,000 worth of clothes for her family while the Palin clan was stationed in MPLS for the RNC) tours the nation in support the McCain/Palin ticket. The catch is, that Louis Piper loves so much is totally fake. The funny thing is, Bush just signed an anti-counterfeiting bill into law, which raises my tweezed eyebrows just a little bit. I see the point that she’s 7, and who on earth would give a 7-year-old a $2,000 bag, but I’m thinking that the Louis is probably Sarah’s and Piper just likes to carry it around. Little girls do that sort of thing. Isn’t it kind of a “conflict of interest” if you will, for a Republican candidate’s daughter to carry around the very item that Bush just condemned? Of course, this is all very pot-kettle, ’cause my LV tote is toooootally fake, but that’s the reason I bought it—-a la Richard Prince, I’m gonna spray-paint “FAUX” all over it. I’m soooo artsy, obviously.