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Raw doggin’ it

Ironic rap duo celebrates outlandish behavior with humor, style and electronic thrash tracks.

Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and his dreadlocked, tattooed, pot-smoking beatmaker Eric Muchow (aka 2% Muck) came here from the future.

“I believe we met up in a portal somewhere. I was chasing after some time ghouls,” vocalist Jeremy “Spyder Baybie Raw Dog” Nutzman said while shirtless and sporting an old-school windbreaker. “Muck was out there drinking tequila and milk, and I was like, ‘What’s up, dude?’”  

Together, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck’s pulsing bass, smooth vibes and outrageous lyrics grab listeners’ attention. They’re bringing their sound to the Icehouse on Saturday.

The eclectic rap duo has experience working with several Minneapolis artists, including La Manchita, Lizzo and P.O.S.

But Nutzman said the Spyder Baybie and Muck project aims to poke fun at the somberness of the local indie hip-hop scene.

“Everybody was just rapping about their feelings and politics and shit,” Muchow said. “No one was rapping about sex and drugs in Minneapolis, so we did.”

Nutzman — who is also part of Marijuana Deathsquads, Bight Club and Pony Bwoy — said the character of Spyder Baybie is a narcissistic jerk.

Muchow said the alter ego is an amplified area of Nutzman’s personality.

“I’m not even confident; I’m just skilled, and I always condition my hair,” Nutzman said.

The group has been killing it with party music since 2009.

“Our target audience is impressionable children, [but] people that like to party like our music,” Muchow said. “They know that if they’re going to a Spyder and Muck show, it’s going to be a party.”

Nutzman said they like to cause a ruckus at their shows — one of their goals is to not get kicked out.

“Venues don’t like us,” Muchow said. “There was a period where Jeremy just wrote ‘Spyder’ on everything [in the venue.]”

Nutzman agreed that the duo thrives in a rowdy environment, adding that they’ve fought on stage during performances.

The group’s party image was a business decision from the beginning, Muchow said.

Despite the music’s bold attitude, it carries lyrical subtleties and musical sophistication. The party music is calculated and cool, catchy without being too poppy — don’t expect LMFAO.

“Differentiating is not something I try to do. In fact, I have probably the opposite problem, where I go way too far outside the box,” Muchow said. “I don’t have to try to differentiate; it’s natural for both of us to be different.”

Muchow and Nutzman said although they’re sometimes not serious, they’re always serious about the music. Their current direction is more abstract than their listeners are accustomed to.

It’s still party music, but less in your face, Nutzman said.

“We grew up, and the music is growing up. As of late, it’s been more of a moody, down-tempo vibe. I kind of got bored of rapping; I enjoy the singing,” Nutzman said. “It’s gotten more psychedelic, more effective vocals, more 2015.”

But 2015 in Spyder Baybie and Muck years is not actually “2015.”

“We came from the future, so now we’re working backwards. Maybe we’ll be doing some folk songs in another five or 10 years,” Nutzman said.


What: Totally Gross National Product Presents: The Spyder Baybie Raw Dog/Nick Perez Birthday Bash

When: 11 p.m. Saturday

Where: Icehouse, 2528 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis

Cost: $6 – $8

Ages: 21+

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