Palin talks energy

by Jake Grovum

The Internets have been buzzing today with news of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin’s speech about energy independence today in Ohio. The New York Times called it her second policy speech since she was named the nominee. The Times dutifully notes the speech went down sans “drill, baby, drill” chants and “blaring country songs.” Generally, according to the Times, the speech took aim at past presidents and legislators who have failed to achieve energy independence for the ol’ U.S. of A. “It’s been 30 years’ worth of failed energy policies in Washington, 30 years where we’ve had opportunities to become less reliant on foreign sources, and 30 years of failure in that area,” Ms. Palin said. “We must steer far clear of the errors and false assumptions that have marked the energy policies of nearly 20 Congresses and seven presidents.” Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland fired off a blistering response on behalf of Obama, according to the Times. “In a bit of rare straight talk, Sarah Palin attacked her own running mate’s record today by blaming our oil addiction on ‘thirty years of failure’ in Washington,” he said. “John McCain was there for twenty-six of those years.” Just to be fair, Joe Biden was there for a lot of those years as well…. Anyway, sticking with today’s word cloud theme (from, here’s the one from Palin’s speech. Notice the second biggest word?? Obama Word Cloud