Crookston athletics director accused of funds misappropriation

by Megan Boldt

University of Minnesota-Crookston Athletics Director Brad Kerr resigned Tuesday after allegations he misappropriated concession funds.
Kerr has been under investigation by Crookston officials for two months, said Curt Almlie, the campus’ Director of Institutional Relations. Officials handed the case over to the Crookston Police Department last week.
Kerr could not be reached for comment Wednesday. He has been athletics director for less than a year.
“It is unfortunate, and we are very disappointed,” Crookston’s Chancellor Don Sargeant said in a statement. “UMC will continue striving to maintain the highest level of integrity in all its programs.”
No formal charges have been filed. Police expect charges to be brought sometime next week, said Crookston Police Officer Bob Quandrud.
“We are waiting for the University’s auditors to come in before any charges are made,” Quandrud said. He added that the charges would be felony charges.
Gail Klatt, University associate vice president for internal audits, said she is aware of the Crookston incident, but no plans have been made to visit the campus.
“They have not made any requests as of yet for us to come and review the case,” Klatt said.
Both police and University officials said the incident appears to be isolated.
“(Kerr) was the one that had control of the concession money,” Quandrud said.
Officials have not determined how much money was misappropriated, Almlie said, and they will not know until the auditors have reviewed the case.
Almlie said the Crookston campus does not bring in a huge amount of money in concessions, but an average football game, for example, usually takes in about $500 in concessions.
The incident will not hurt the Crookston campus, he added.
“This is one incident; it could happen anywhere,” Almlie said.
Officials say Kerr has been cooperative so far in the investigation, and they are concerned about him.
“We are not a cold institution. We are concerned about Kerr and his family,” Almlie said. “We are human.”
Information on the search for Crookston’s new athletics director will be available soon.

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