The Corporation

TDir. Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott

The Corporation” is nothing short of Earth-shattering. This is the film that you will cite as the reason you gave up your inheritance – whatever that may have been – and joined the revolution.

Interviews with activists, public-relations flaks, government employees and corporate executives, along with stock film and television footage make up the bulk of the visuals. But that’s not the important part. The documentary’s narrative, a scathing indictment of the structure and sociopathic behavior of corporations, is what really hits home.

You will weep, and if you don’t, your life, your being, your very soul has been slaughtered by the spiritual, social and human void that is capitalism. You will witness the torture of the Earth, its creatures and your fellow man. You will see the truth, and the light of true knowing will so burn your eyes as to brand you to the core.

There is certainly a less forceful way to say all of this, but why bother? Chances are, if you see this film, you’ll have hot argument fodder for weeks. You’ll goad your conservative or liberal (depending on your bent) pals into tiny wars over whether this film was total genius or utter crap.

This film has laid bare the stakes of our corporate, consumerist culture. So pick a side, grab your gun (rhetorical or real, but the real ones are legal here, so yippee!!) and hit the streets.

For all of you who would rather die on your feet than live on your knees, reveille is playing. Hasta la revolucion siempre!