Student loan woes

A survey administered by the scholarship-matching website FastWeb found that nearly half of student loan applications are being denied. According to the survey, one of the primary reasons students borrow private loans is because they have maxed out the federal Stafford Loan, a problem that has long been known to burden middle-income families. The survey shows that the government is failing to provide needed financial assistance. Nearly half of Stafford Loan borrowers who said they maxed out their federal loan stated that they had to turn to private loans as result. These figures show that the average middle-income student is starting or has started to face obstacles in obtaining college funding. Government has left the average middle-income family unable to finance higher education. Pell Grants are available for low-income students, but for middle-income students, the federal Stafford Loan has indeed become a scarce resource. Grants are often not offered to middle-income students, and when the Stafford Loans dry up, students are forced to turn to private loan alternatives. The Department of Education needs to find a way to raise the allowed amount for a single student to borrow in Stafford Loan funding âÄî perhaps even high enough so private loans will no longer be needed. To increase the private student loan appeal, banks should be rewarded for offering often non-profitable student loans to needy students. If these actions are taken, middle-income families would sleep soundly knowing the government has invested in their childrenâÄôs futures âÄî and their futures, as well.