Butterflies, moths all aflutter at State Fair exhibit

The project also enlisted two students from Minneapolis South High School and more than 20 younger students from an AmeriCorps youth program, Urban Corps, to aid in the construction.
Charlot Meyer, a senior majoring in design communications and one of the students working on the project, took the class last fall that focused on the building of a museum exhibit and continued to work with Williams and Weller. Once the exhibit is complete, Meyer said she plans to incorporate her work on the exhibit into a paper for her honors final project.
But for now, Meyer said the group is focusing on completing the exhibit in time for its opening Aug. 27.
“We’re hustling right now to get to the State Fair,” she said. “It’s looking real good.”
Weller said she hopes people visiting the exhibit will walk away with a greater appreciation of how interesting insects can be.
“I want people to think bugs are cool,” she said.