Local attorney to represent Penn State victims

Kevin Burbach

Internationally known St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson will represent some of the victims of the Penn State sex abuse scandal, the Strib reports. 

Anderson, a Stillwater native, told CBS, “The institutional failure at Penn State really parallels the institutional failure we’ve seen at the top level of the Catholic church hierarchy. Top officials failing to act to protect the kids, rather, choosing to protect their reputation.”

According to the Strib, Anderson is part of a wave of attorney’s posting for legal guidance for Penn State abuse victims on their websites. 

“There’s a great deal of fury and confusion. Getting [the victims] help and cooperating with law enforcement is our first priority.”

According to his firm’s website, Anderson has represented child sex abuse cases for over 30 years.

According to a MinnPost article, the prosecutor gained notoriety by taking on hundreds of members of the Catholic Church and its clergy. City Pages even reported Anderson planned to file suit against the Vatican in 2010.