Spring Jam Greek update: Dodgeball finals set for 6 p.m. Wednesday

Nickalas Tabbert

Three Spring Jam pairings are set to dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge for Spring Jam points and bragging rights tonight at 6 p.m.

Hot Tub Time Machine, Saved by the Bid and Minnstock won their respective competition pools last night at the Field House to advance to tonight's finals at the Rec. Center's north gym.

Dodgeball and the tug-of-war competiton from Monday night are part of the week-long competition for Spring Jam.  Each of the nine pairings earns points for their performance and spirit at events and competitions.

As of Wednesday afternoon (before the dodgeball finals), Jock Jams, Minnstock and This is How Greeks Do It had the highest point totals.

There are still four categories remaining, including dodgeball, service day, ballyhoo competition and band competition.

On Monday, pairings competed in a tug-of-war competition in the Field House.  Teams of five girls and five boys representing each pairing went head-to-head in a best of three competition.  Five pairings earned points, including Jock Jams, Greeks Lightning, Minnstock Space Jam and This is How Greeks Do It.  Losing pairings were still able to earn spirit points for their sportsmanship and support of their teammates.

Tuesday night saw dodgeballs flying throughout the Field House and even more intense competition.  Pairings were randomly grouped into pools of three, playing each other once.  The pairing with the most points in their respective pool advanced to Wednesday's finals at the Rec. Center.

Multiple matchups provided excitement, and emotions were on the line with every ball thrown.

This is the second year dodgeball has been included in greek competition, replacing kickball because it took more time and drew fewer people.  There were roughly 400 people present at the Field House on Monday and Tuesday night.

Here are the current standings after two events:

Jock Jams – 50 pts

Minnstock – 40 pts

This is How Greeks Do It – 35 pts

Space Jam – 30 pts

Greeks Lightning – 20 pts

Hot Tub Time Machine – 20 pts

Rappin' Through the '90s – 10 pts

The Greeks are Back in Town – 10 pts

Saved by the Bid – 0 pts