Selfies, Snapchat and NCAA recruiting rules

by Nate Gotlieb

News came out today about the NCAA allowing most sports to use the app Snapchat for recruiting purposes.

I checked in with the NCAA to clarify its policy on Snapchat. This is what Meg Durham, the NCAA’s assistant director of public and media relations, said (via e-mail) in response:

“During the recruitment process, SnapChat and text messaging are currently not allowed, except in basketball and men’s ice hockey, until after a prospect signs a NLI or a school’s written offer. Email and direct messaging on Twitter or Facebook are allowed during the recruitment process.

In January, Division I members adopted new recruiting rules that remove restrictions on the modes of electronic communication, including text messages and SnapChat, in all sports other than football, cross country/track and field, and swimming and diving. The new rules were adopted in response to membership feedback that supported removing those restrictions, and will go into effect on August 1, 2014.”

So as Durham said, this is not new news. But still, we’re getting closer to the day when coaches can woo five-star recruits with a good, ol’ fashioned selfie. Lets just hope it's not like the website imagined it.