U police don’t need assault rifles

The University of Minnesota police Department has two M-14s and six M-16s. Scrap them. They use the M-16s to reduce wear and tear on their AR-15s during training. They reserve three M-16s for active shooter situations. The M-14s and the M-16s are unusable by University police. They are a training expense.

In any active shooter situation, the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments or possibly military units can and should take control of the situation. They invite disaster. Their maximum effective range is about 550 meters, but the bullets can travel much farther. This means that a bullet that missed its target could travel into areas it wasn’t intended to hit.

University police said that they wanted to keep their requests for military weaponry within reason. But other major universities have gotten by with goggles and barriers. Where is the certificate need that says we are so different?
These unusable guns should be ground into scrap.