Renovation of Eastcliff carriage house approved by U’s Board of Regents

The University Board of Regents unanimously approved Thursday a $342,000 renovation to the Eastcliff mansion carriage house.
The house, which is now used as a garage, has been in need of significant restorative work in the past few years, according to regent’s documents.
The siding, windows and doors have deteriorated and the roof has lived past its useful life, the documents said.
The renovation, funded by a single gift from an alumnus, will completely refinish the exterior of the colonial-style carriage house. The roof will also be shingled and the windows will be replaced.
The cost of the project is high because the renovation must follow historic guidelines so the Eastcliff mansion retains its status on the National Registry of Historic Places.
Construction on the 4,215 square foot space is expected to begin in March and be completed by July 2001.

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