Bailey Hall wins second Live Green Games challenge

Hailey Colwell


The October winner of the Live Green Games was Bailey Hall.

Territorial Hall came in second overall with 1111 points to Bailey’s 2146. Middlebrook Hall is in third place with 138 points.

Students were challenged to complete a recycling area checklist. They sorted through cans, bottles, paper and newspaper recycling bins to analyze the condition of their residence hall’s recycling setups. Extra points were awarded for visiting the University of Minnesota ReUse Warehouse. 

This is the second win for Bailey in the games.

The Live Green Games are an effort of Housing and Residential Life, It All Adds Up and University Services-Sustainability to get students in the University dorms to think green about the choices they make. 

The games came out of the Conservation Madness event last March, in which students completed tasks that focused on a variety of energy-saving goals.

“Sustainability is not just something that happens [for] one month,” said Shane Shennes, sustainability coordinator for the University.

He said he hopes participating in the games will help students develop conservation habits before establishing their routine for the school year.

“We’re trying to put this on their radar and make them aware of sustainability and how it’s part of the University’s culture earlier in their time as a resident here,” Stennes said. 

For November’s challenge, students participating in the games have been asked to look at how much energy they use in their everyday lives. They will then take the plug load pledge, promising to think sustainably when it comes to charging cell phones, leaving laptops on and taking the elevator.