Daily Digest: Alcohol pics hurt college applicants

by Jill Jensen

Here's your Daily Digest for Oct. 4:

Digital footprint hurts college applicants

Online evidence of alcohol consumption and profanity are increasingly hurting college applicants, according to survey released Wednesday.

More than 35 percent of college admissions officers said that information discovered on Google or Facebook negatively impacted applicants' acceptance chances, according to a 2012 Kaplan Test Prep Survey.

According to the survey, the number of admissions officers who checked the sites remained relatively stable at about 25 percent since 2011, while the percentage that found "something that negatively impacted an applicants' chances of getting into the school" tripled.

College admissions officers cited essay plagiarism, blog vulgarity and illegal activities among things on social networking sites that made them wary in the applicant review process.

Kaplan spoke to 350 admissions officers from 500 colleges and universities in the U.S. via telephone between July and September 2012.