U student robbed on Franklin Avenue

Also, a female student was cited for stealing from the U Bookstore.

Aaron Job

A student was robbed at gunpoint on the Franklin Avenue Bridge near Prospect Park last Thursday. 
In other reported crimes, threats were made toward teachers at the Heritage Academy in the Southeast Como neighborhood. 
Theft from buildings, people and vehicles remained the largest contributors of crime near campus.
Robbed at gunpoint
Multiple suspects threatened and robbed at gunpoint a University student  near Prospect Park on Thursday, according to police records. 
Dane Folie, a first-year University student studying foreign language, reported his phone, wallet and headphones were stolen during a nightime run across the Franklin Avenue Bridge. 
Folie said four men stopped him as he crossed the bridge from the Seward neighborhood at about 11 p.m. Thursday evening.
“One of them stopped and kind of put his arms out, blocking my path, essentially,” Folie said. “I naively pulled off my head phones thinking he was going to ask for money or something, and I looked down, and there’s a gun in his hands.”
Folie said he thought the man seemed hesitant — almost as if his friends had put him up to it — when he demanded he give him his phone. 
“And then he started kind of pointing [the gun] at my face more,” Folie said. 
After giving the man his phone — which had his license, student ID, two debit cards and several gift cards in the case — Folie said one of the other men also asked for his headphones before they left. 
“They started walking in the opposite direction and told me to have a nice night,” he said.
According to the police report, the suspects were gone when police arrived, but officers are investigating possible video evidence related to the incident. 
Student threatens teacher
According to a police incident report filed April 5, emails sent from a student’s email account threatened two teachers at the Heritage Academy of Science and Technology in Southeast Como. 
Jean Sorensen, the school’s principal, called police and alerted them of the emails at about 9:30 a.m. on April 4.
The police officers who responded to the call described the messages saying, “[There] were some very harsh words threatening two teachers,” according to police reports.
The accused student has been suspended pending a school investigation, according to the police report. 
Theft at the bookstore
A student was cited for misdemeanor theft after she allegedly stole art supplies from the University Bookstore, according to a police report. 
University of Minnesota Police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said the student allegedly stole $26.10 in pens and markers.
According to police records, bookstore staff witnessed the student stealing from the store over a four-day period and apprehended the student with a citizen’s arrest before involving the UMPD.