Poor arguments in Bush-bashing column

A round of applause is in order for Dan Maruska and his grand performance with his Oct. 23 column. Dan truly exhibited his abilities to receive marching orders from the Democratic National Committee and execute then without any independent thought on his part. He performed flawlessly, comparable to a programmed robot or a trained monkey, pointing out minute flaws in the Bush campaign and failing to make any valid argument in favor of Gore. Dan, good buddy, I have a few retaliatory comments for you and your article.
Dan’s first act of slander against George W. Bush was to accuse him of having “racist tendencies.” One has to realize here that when Dan’s candidate is behind in the polls and he is running low on ammunition, Dan and people alike will always resort to the race card. In my eyes, there is only one race, and that is the human race. The accusations you make about the man who asked the question only clarify what YOU actually thought of him. Did you think Leo was an idiot, Dan? Hmmm?
Toward the middle of Dan’s consistently inconsistent article, he stated that “he (George W. Bush) declared that American troops should no longer be in the Balkans, that it is time for European nations to provide military personnel, when actually European troops outnumber American troops six to one.” Dan’s argument extinguished itself. If European troops outnumber American troops six to one, then we should get the rest of them home. If European troops outnumber American troops six to one, it is evident that our military has become very, very weak over the past eight years. Remember, this is a military that would readily protect Maruska’s First Amendment rights, along with all of his other constitutional rights, regardless of what he believes. Without the military protection of our beautiful country and the Constitution, it would be highly vulnerable to any outside intrusion or terrorist act. Without a strong military, Dan wouldn’t be able to safely write asinine articles about George W. Bush, or anyone else, for that matter. How would Mr. Maruska protect his constitutional rights if there wasn’t a powerful and readily dispatchable military to protect them for him? He surely doesn’t own a firearm.
There is only one other point to be made on Maruska’s whining. Dan says that George W. Bush is “incompetent.” If George W. Bush is incompetent, then are the people of Texas incompetent as well? After all, they did elect him. I can assure the readers from past personal experiences that Texans are not idiots.
After elaborating on Bush’s incompetence, Dan then goes on to whine about how Bush will surround himself with past presidential cabinet members. Won’t these former advisors provide guidance and leadership for a new president? If former cabinet members are appointed by Bush, then it will provide further assurance that foreign and domestic policy mistakes of America’s past won’t be repeated in the future.
George W. Bush is a man who quickly acts and carries out justified decisions. He doesn’t believe that the power of America comes from the federal government; he believes that the power of America comes from individuals. George W. Bush knows that America is good right now, but it can be even better. America has set a democratic example for the world almost 225 years now, and America raises the worldly standard on a daily basis. The United States is able to do that because of the individualism and independence which is granted to every citizen. Who is the federal government to say who is eligible for a tax-cut and what the definition of successful is? Who is it for the bureaucrats in Washington to decide what should be censored and what is appropriate entertainment for America? The people of America and the individual communities that make up this country can decide that for themselves.
In closing, I’ll leave the readers with this. Be very wary of what “journalists” want you to hear over the next week about George W. Bush and the actual truth that happens to be “misplaced” in these editors’ trash cans. Believe it or not, there are journalists who only report what they want you to hear, rather than reporting what is actual truth. Question their authority and sources always. It is our right and duty as Americans to do so.
Aaron Barth is a senior majoring in history and welcomes comments to [email protected] Send letters to the editor to [email protected]