Vikings game unites U freshmen

Nichol Nelson

Loud cheers and shouts echoed through the hallways outside of Territorial Hall’s recreation lounge as a group of freshmen got their first dose of purple pride as University students.
A Sunday afternoon Vikings game provided new students a great place to mingle and talk with other freshmen about the first week of life at the University.
Matt Kuzelka of West St. Paul was watching the game in the hall’s lounge for the company. “It’s always more fun with a crowd,” he said.
Kuzelka was enthusiastic about his first week at the University. “It’s been easy to meet people because everyone is really outgoing,” he said. “Everyone is in the same boat.”
Mike Peng was watching the Vikings game with Kuzelka. Friends from high school, the two said they have found they still find time for their friendship even as they meet other people.
Hans Damascus lives in Territorial Hall and called two friends to join him in the lounge because he felt they would enjoy a taste of dorm life.
“I sort of felt sorry for them,” Damascus said.
Cuong Pham and Ian Foslien, who commute to the University, were quick to refute Damascus’ claim that they needed more social interaction.
“I met lots of people this week,” Pham said. “Every other minute, I ran into people I knew.”
Bob Winn of Marshall, Minn., was also enjoying the game from a soft maroon chair. He called his first week at the University “stellar,” and said the real challenge in meeting new people was to keep up new connections.
Winn, who has met new friends at Dinkytown house parties and going door-to-door in Territorial Hall, said the hard part is calling them the next day.
The positive feelings were echoed by Tony Arbin, a community advisor at Territorial Hall. Arbin has 43 residents in his wing and said they are settling in well.
“I think they’re getting used to the idea of being somewhere new,” he said. “It’s extremely frightening and exciting at the same time.”
The role of community advisor is to help freshman students acclimate to the University environment.
Arbin cites activities such as soccer games, trips to Target and movie nights as good tools for students to meet each other.
Another roar from the Vikings fans suggested that students also find their own ways to socialize.