Woman hit in West Bank crosswalk

A green sedan hit a woman in the crosswalk outside of the Carlson School of Management on Friday afternoon.

Emergency responders took the woman, who condition is unknown, to  the hospital shortly before 5 p.m.

The accident is the third in a string of collisions near campus between vehicles and pedestrians or bikers in the past week. Two University students died yesterday as a result of such accidents.

Paul Mao, who drove by the accident, said a fire truck arrived before other emergency responders. A group of people were holding their coats over the woman, blocking her from sight.

The sedan was parked in the intersection of 3rd Street South and 19th Avenue South, said Amanda Olson, a Carlson staff member. Police blocked parts of 19th Avenue for more than a block, and a group of squad cars surrounded the scene.

Clara NiiSka, a University graduate student, said she saw the scene unfold as squad cars pulled up.

The green sedanâÄôs driver told NiiSka that he didnâÄôt see the young woman crossing the street as he turned the corner. He appeared to be in his late 40âÄôs and was shaken up, NiiSka said.

The woman was laying face down before emergency responders turned her over, NiiSka said.

âÄúIt looked to me like they were giving her [mouth-to-mouth resuscitation],âÄù she added.

She noticed that the man’s car showed no signs of damage.

After the responders loaded the woman into the ambulance, it stayed in place for about 10 minutes, NiiSka said. In the time it took NiiSka to walk to her car and pull out of the parking lot, the ambulance had left.

“There weren’t in a huge hurry,” Olson said. “Hopefully [she’s] okay.”