Taco Bell breakfast: All hype?

Melanie Richtman

Taco Bell definitely knows its target market: hungover college students, broke millennials and hungry stoners, which is exactly why they decided to introduce a breakfast menu featuring breakfast burritos, A.M. crunchwraps and waffle tacos. Taco Bell used creative social media tactics, including Snapchat, to market its new food to consumers. Breakfast phones were even sent to some of Taco Bell’s biggest fans that would prompt the phone recipients to participate in social media challenges to win prizes — one of which was crunchwrap themed bedding.

But was it all hype? As an avid Taco Bell eater (if you were to look at my bank statements you would see that I go there an embarrassing amount of times each month), I was pretty excited to try its breakfast menu. My roommate and I rolled into the Quarry Taco Bell to find it filled with college aged gentlemen. The male to female ratio was at least 14-1. We ordered a waffle taco, A.M. crunchwrap, Cinnabon Delights (a previous dessert menu item which has been repositioned as breakfast food), an A.M. grilled taco and hashbrowns.

 The best part about Taco Bell breakfast is that it is offered until 11 a.m. and the regular menu starts at 10 a.m., meaning you have one hour of overlap bliss. Otherwise, Taco Bell’s breakfast items pretty much taste exactly like every other fast food breakfast item. The waffle taco, A.M. grilled taco and hashbrowns tasted exactly like a McDonald’s sausage McGriddle, sausage burrito and hashbrowns (duh) respectively. The A.M. crunchwrap only stands out because it packs a little bit of heat.  Overall, Taco Bell’s breakfast was pretty anti-climactic.

But those Cinnabon Delights are truly the best dessert breakfast a girl could ask for.

*Photo courtesy of Taco Bell.