Man threatens U students with knife

Sarah Brownson

Two University students were threatened by a knife-wielding neighbor early last Wednesday morning at their Fifth Street Southeast residence, according to police reports.
Mark Stowe, a University Institute of Technology student, was sitting outside on the porch with one of his five roommates, listening to music around 1:30 a.m., when a neighbor walked onto the property and came at them.
“We live on a busy corner and get a lot of people wandering up,” Stowe said, who didn’t think much of it until the guy grabbed a chair on the porch and threw it into the yard.
Then the man pulled out a hunting knife with a three-inch blade and waved it around Stowe’s face. Neither roommate was injured.
During the assault, the man threatened the roommates, telling them they should be “quiet” and “courteous,” Stowe said. The neighbor complained that the students had been disrespectful.
This was the second incident in three months in which a neighbor complained that the roommates were noisy. In May, police came to the house because of a party but only issued a warning.
The man retreated to a nearby house after the incident, police said.

In other police news:
ù About $3,500 worth of electronic equipment was stolen last week from local radio station KDWB’s “boombox” truck parked in the Como neighborhood on 29th Avenue Southeast, according to police reports.
Mark Duevel, with the station’s promotions department, said that the truck was parked out in the open.
ù The truck doors and cabinets inside were damaged by a prying tool that was used to enter the truck.
Duevel said the station plans to repair the truck before the State Fair, when the station broadcasts live.