Love it or leave it

This is in response to Norman Rupp’s Dec. 5 letter “Land of the Free”. In that letter, he mentions how the European Union is such a great place and implies that the United States is not as free as it seems.

Basically, all of what he wrote is untrue. At one point he writes, “Our failure to fight for human rights on our own soil and to protect the dignity of our fellow citizens …” Mr. Rupp, the fight for human rights has been a constant struggle in the United States: the ending of slavery, the women’s rights movement, the civil rights movement, etc.

Earlier in the letter, Rupp states the European Union’s charter allows freedom of religion and expression (to name a couple), while the United States “does not grant its citizens any of these things.” I would advise anyone who agrees with this statement to please read the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Basically everything Rupp states about the E.U. charter is also true about the Constitution.

Rupp, if you love the European Union and its charter so much and feel that the United States is such a hypocritical, “so-called land of the free” place, by all means, please go live in a European Union country.

Mike Siebenaler, freshman, College of Liberal Arts