Teague denies $70 million practice facility

Dane Mizutani

Minnesota athletics director Norwood Teague denied the Star Tribune report that the University will break ground on a new $70 million football practice facility.

Teague spoke to members of the media after the firing of Gophers head women's basketball coach Pam Borton. While he answered questions in regards to Borton, he was also asked questions about the Star Tribune report. 

"That's the first I heard of it when I read it," Teague said. "We're moving and having very good progress on the fundraising front."

The Star Tribune report stated the Univeristy would break ground on the potential practice facility in December. 

"I don't think you break ground in December on anything in Minnesota," Teague continued. "I feel confident we're going to keep moving it along."

Teague and Lou Nanne, who is the chairman of the $190 million fundraising effort, have not given a time frame on when the plan would come to fruition.