City sends ice rinks into overtime

Minneapolis ice rinks will be maintained for an additional two weeks because of cold weather.

by Jennifer Bissell

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is extending its ice rink season due to the cold weather forecasts for February.

The season will be last until March 6 âÄî two weeks longer than originally scheduled âÄîweather permitting.

Van Cleve Recreation Center director Scott Krueger said the city often extends the season and was not surprised by the cityâÄôs decision.

âÄúItâÄôs a pretty high-usage area with college students and community members,âÄù Krueger said, noting the park sees up to 150 skaters a day. âÄúI assume theyâÄôll be very happy and eager for more skating.âÄù

Krueger added there would be no extra difficulties to maintaining the rink and the costs would be minimal.