Can’t get no satisfaction

A recent study shows men are simply not getting the job done in bed.

According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, men are far more likely than women – 45 percent compared with 17 percent – to have an orgasm every time they have sex. Sadly, it appears the majority of men know more about football than how to please a woman.

The topic of sexually unsatisfied women is important for a number of reasons. First, while there are not any numbers readily available, many women who are left sexually unsatisfied blame themselves and believe something is wrong with them, leading to stress and even depression. Second, it points to an amazing lack of sexual education.

Slowly, the cultural taboos regarding sex are fading. Sex is more than learning how to operate a condom or how to take pills. The discussion of sexuality need not be relegated to second-rate popular magazines that are prone to promoting misunderstanding. Sex education, even about the basic anatomy of a woman, needs to be expanded.

While it is important to note sex can still be satisfying without an orgasm, it is still a good indicator. A Redbook magazine survey found 52 percent of women frequently fake orgasms.

More experience and more knowledge lead to better sex. The Durex survey hints at this, as it found 48 percent of lovers in the 35-plus age group had orgasms every time they had sex, compared with only 32 percent of 16-to 20-year-olds. The survey also found 72 percent to 80 percent of college women are not virgins. That’s a lot of unfulfilled women.

Men have been either uneducated or miseducated about sex. Pornography, the source of sexual education for many men, presents a distorted, phallocentric viewpoint of sex.

Besides education, a deep appreciation of open communication must be developed. The lack of concern over the extraordinary numbers of sexually unsatisfied women points to inequity.

Viagra wins accolades, but women do not benefit in bed. If men knew more about intricacies of their partners’ passion than the immeasurable value of a center who can pull effectively, everyone would be a bit happier.