Kenneth Starr scheduled

by Heather Fors

Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel charged with investigating the White House scandals, will come to the University on Oct. 24 to speak to the public in a panel discussion about executive privilege.
The event will kick off at 8 a.m. in 125 Willey Hall. Starr will participate in the first of several panel discussions titled, “The Scope of Doctrine(s) of Executive Privilege in the 25 Years after Nixon.”
The symposium will coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Nixon. The court ruled that while presidents do have a certain degree of executive privilege — the right to withhold information from Congress and the courts — presidents are subject to subpoena.
The 1973 case has had a significant bearing on the current controversies surrounding President Clinton, said University Professor Michael Stokes Paulsen, who specializes in constitutional law and legal ethics.
“There are amazing parallels between the Nixon crisis and the Clinton crisis,” Paulsen said.
In lieu of recent events, it is particularly significant to re-examine the issues brought up in the case, said Erick Attoson, the editor in chief of the Minnesota Law Review, one of the event’s sponsors.
While the school has no direct ties to the United States v. Nixon decision, the University has several constitutional law faculty with interest in the area, many of whom will be moderating the panels. Paulsen will present the event.
Event organizers scoured the country for the most qualified and well-respected scholars and invited them to the event.
“It’s probably unusual to come speak at a law school, but I think it’s great that he chose to come,” Attoson said about Starr’s involvement.
Judge Laurence Silberman also will be among the 11 panelists at the event. Silberman made pointed comments regarding the conduct of Attorney General Janet Reno during the court-rejected claim of secret service privilege.
The public is invited to attend the event. Questions and comments will be allowed after each segment. Those interested in attending should RSVP by calling 625-9330 ahead of time.