Police officer’s arm bit during fight with suspect

Also, a pitbull was shot in a University ramp.

An intoxicated woman bit a University of Minnesota police officer and hit her in the face with her shoe during an altercation near 1301 University Ave. SE early Monday morning. Brenda Malave Arroyo , 30, was shot with a Taser by an assisting officer before she became cooperative, according to a police report. She was taken to Hennepin County Jail and was charged with fourth-degree assault Tuesday. Police responded to a call to find Arroyo fighting with her husband and another man after a night at the bar, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said . Police initially assumed that because her face was bloody Arroyo had been victim of domestic assault and detained her two male companions, Miner said. They later discovered she had tumbled down a flight of stairs. Officer Rachel Hass took Arroyo aside for questioning while an assisting officer detained the two men, Miner said. Hass had difficulty communicating with Arroyo, who spoke only Spanish. For reasons police said they donâÄôt understand, Arroyo removed her shoe and hit Hass twice in the face. During the ensuing struggle, Arroyo bit Hass in the arm, according to the report. Noticing the struggle, the other officer ran over and shot Arroyo with the Taser. Arroyo could not be reached, and her husband declined to comment.

Police kill pitbull in ramp

University police officers shot and killed a pitbull wandering the Oak Street Ramp after it became aggressive and charged them, stated a police report Fragments from the bullets flattened the tires of two nearby cars, Miner said. No humans were injured and no other damage was done to the cars. Officers cornered the âÄúagitatedâÄù animal on the ground level of the ramp after responding to multiple calls reporting the roaming dog, Miner said. While waiting for animal control to arrive, the dog moved aggressively toward an officer, who tried to shoot it with a Taser. In order for a Taser shot to be effective, both nodes must connect to a body to complete a circuit âÄî one of the nodes missed. This upset the animal even more, Miner said, and it continued to aggressively approach the officers. An assisting officer shot the dog multiple times, killing it. Several bullets fragmented from hitting the pavement, deflating tires on a nearby Toyota Sienna and Honda Civic. Animal Control picked up the dead animal and Parking and Transportation Services cleaned up the blood, the report stated. The owners of the dog are unknown âÄî the animal did not have any identification and nobody has called to ask about it, Miner said.

Motorcycle outruns police

Police chases are a rare occurrence near the University âÄî there have been only two in the last year, according to University police. One of those, a chase beginning in a construction zone on northbound Highway 280 early Sunday morning, ended with a motorcyclist outmaneuvering police, a police report stated. A squad car began to pursue the motorcyclist âÄî the front bike in a group of three âÄî when officers clocked it at 70 mph in a 40 mph construction zone, Miner said. The motorcyclist dipped onto Energy Park Drive , turned on Kasota Avenue and âÄúdoubled backâÄù onto southbound Highway 280, Miner said. Officers lost sight of the motorcycle and called off the chase. âÄúWe do training on when to call off pursuits and when it’s worth it,âÄù Miner said. âÄúIf this person had committed a bank robbery, there may have been reason.âÄù The last chase near campus, which occurred last November, ended with police catching a drunk driver.