What about Aurora?

Meghan Wynne

I would first like to thank The Minnesota Daily for publishing âÄúThe Quiet Complaints: Sexual harassment at the U,âÄù which comments and discusses the issues of sexual violence. The taboos that surround this issue are not healthy for our society, and it is important that people start talking. This article makes it clear that sexual harassment is prevalent on our own campus. As a volunteer at the Aurora Center, I was hoping to read at some point in the article a brief summary of what Aurora does on campus, as this was a perfect opportunity to get the word out about all the resources the organization has available to students, staff and faculty. The Aurora Center provides free and confidential helpline advocates, crisis intervention, education and training to University of Minnesota students, and more. There is a chance that a survivor of sexual assault or harassment read the story, and it may have hit close to home. It would have been helpful if you had referenced Aurora so the community knows about the help available. Sexual violence is not a topic to be taken lightly. Twenty-five percent of female college students are victims of sexual assault âÄî that could be a friend, classmate or sister. It is crucial that we start to realize that this is more than just a womenâÄôs issue and that we can all do something, whether big or small, to get involved in the fight against it. Meghan Wynne Aurora Center volunteer