A new frontier

“Elmeziah?” Elmo searched his flat. He found her on the patio knitting a quilt. “How was thy day?” she asked. “It was hellÁ oh, sorry.” “Well,” she changed the subject. “The Lord hath given us this day, partly cloudy skies and a high in the lower 70s, so I took my work outside. I pray to do the like tomorrow, as it will be in the upper 70s. What thinkest thou?” she asked, holding her quilt up. “I was just wonderingÁ” he paused. “Have you ever had tendencies towardÁ wellÁ another female,” he finally muttered. “I meant what thou thinkest of the quilt.” “Yeah, it’s nice. So would you ever consider a female’sÁ ‘company’?” “What?” she asked abruptly. “Oh nothing,” he replied. “I just saw something today, and it was kind of a turn-on.”