Board will examine U housing

Joel Sawyer

For a change, the monthly meetings of the Board of Regents today and Friday won’t be filled with major policy decisions or contentious debates.
The regents will, however, discuss the possible expansion of on-campus student housing and proposed new directions for tuition and financial aid policy.
On Thursday the regents’ Facilities Committee will examine a report that addresses whether more on-campus housing is needed at the University. Last year, the University opened Roy Wilkins Hall, the first residence hall built on campus since Middlebrook Hall in 1969.
The University also opened Argyle House as part of a public-private partnership with Dinnaken Properties Inc. The new residence halls house 300 students.
The tuition policy discussion will take place during the Faculty, Staff and Student Affairs Committee meeting Thursday morning. Regents will hear a report that addresses whether each University campus should maintain a need-based financial aid fund to supplement federal and state funds.
They will also discuss whether variations in tuition rates for lower and upper-division undergraduate students should be eliminated by the 1998-99 academic year. Currently, juniors and seniors pay higher tuition for courses than freshman and sophomores.
“There’s no good rationale for charging more,” said Marvin Marshak, senior vice president for Academic Affairs.
Thursday’s meetings will culminate at Eastcliff with a dinner recognizing new football coach Glenn Mason.
Friday’s meetings will be highlighted by the election of JoAnne Jackson as the University’s treasurer.
Jackson, the University’s senior vice president for Finance and Operations, will take over the position now held by Roger Paschke. Paschke will leave later this month to accept an executive position with an insurance company in Bermuda.