UMN Campus Crime Update: Thefts increase in Marcy-Holmes this fall

Auto thefts have recently increased in Southeast Como, but year-to-date numbers remain steady.

UMN Campus Crime Update: Thefts increase in Marcy-Holmes this fall

Taylor Schroeder

Burglaries and larcenies have climbed in the last two months in Marcy-Holmes. In Southeast Como, auto thefts continue to rise but year-to-year numbers are stable. 

Crime Trends

Year-to-date property crimes continue to rise in Cedar-Riverside, according to Minneapolis Police Department crime data. In 2018, up to Oct. 8, 15 burglaries, 28 auto thefts and 63 thefts from motor vehicles were reported. In 2019 over the same time frame, these same crimes rose to 23 burglaries, 64 auto thefts and 78 thefts from motor vehicles. Auto thefts have seen the greatest increase at 129 percent.    

Trends from August to September in Marcy-Holmes show an increase in burglaries and larcenies. Over the two months, burglaries increased from five to 10 cases and larcenies increased from 45 to 52 cases, according to MPD crime data.  

Auto thefts continue to rise in Southeast Como, tripling from three reports in August to nine in September. September 2018 saw one auto theft compared to the nine this year. But year-to-date numbers remain stable. As of Oct. 8 there were three fewer auto thefts compared to the same time frame in 2018.   

Notable Crimes

On Oct. 4 at 3:16 p.m., a University of Minnesota Police Department officer responded to a report of domestic assault at Coffman Union. According to the report, while parking their car, a woman became verbally aggressive toward her husband with others in the vehicle. The attacker reportedly scratched and slapped her husband and attempted to strangle both the husband and his daughter. The husband was able to call the police before the attacker drove away in an unknown direction with two victims still in the car. 

The police later made contact with the attacker at her address and placed her under arrest for domestic assault.

On Sept. 26, an assault occurred on Pleasant Street Southeast at 2:12 p.m. The victim was standing at the bus stop and reported hearing a commotion from behind him. A man was screaming into his phone, which he then threw on the ground and smashed. As the victim turned to look at the commotion, the man struck him in the face. 

An officer was able to locate the suspect with the help of camera operators. The attacker was brought to the victim’s location, where the victim was able to identify the attacker and complete a citizen’s arrest for assault.