U to examine real estate transactions among wrestling team

In reaction to a Daily report, University officials will meet Friday to discuss whether real estate transactions made by people with ties to the wrestling team violated NCAA regulations.

by Briana Bierschbach

University of Minnesota officials will meet Friday to discuss an internal examination of real estate dealings among people affiliated with the Gophers wrestling team, including head coach J Robinson. University General Counsel Mark Rotenberg said a report from The Minnesota Daily has raised concerns on whether people with ties to the team have violated NCAA regulations. The Daily found that people affiliated with the wrestling program have owned at least 55 properties near campus. Robinson has owned more than $3 million in rental properties over the past 10 years in the Marcy-Holmes and Southeast Como neighborhoods. Many people involved with the wrestling team have sold and rented to one another. A Daily investigation found: -Robinson has sold houses to former wrestlers months after they graduated. In one case, Robinson sold a house to former wrestler Luke Becker for the same price for which Robinson bought it, according to property records. The sale took place four months after Becker graduated, property records show. -Robinson discussed real estate with current wrestler Sonny Yohn during the recruiting process, according to Yohn. It is unclear why real estate was brought up during recruitment. -Marty Morgan, a former assistant coach and recruiting coordinator, acted as YohnâÄôs real estate agent when Yohn purchased a house earlier this year. Morgan, who left the team in 2008, recruited Yohn out of high school. A few years ago, the University investigated whether athletes renting from Robinson and Morgan were receiving a discounted rate. The University found that no NCAA regulations were violated, University compliance director JT Bruett told the Daily in a recent interview. Rotenberg would not say what specifically they plan to look into. The examination could take several weeks, he said. âÄúMy concern is that we simply want to maintain a compliance environment in our collegiate athletics,âÄù Rotenberg said. âÄúIn order to do that we routinely follow up on allegations that come to our attention. The possibility that there might be a rules-compliance issue here means that we need to look at it carefully.âÄù Link to story: https://www.mndaily.com/2009/12/10/u-wrestling-makes-real-estate-big-business