Spring Jam greek update: Saved by the Bid wins thrilling dodgeball final

by Nickalas Tabbert

It took nearly an hour and a half Wednesday evening, but Saved by the Bid walked out of the Rec. Center victorious.

The pairing won a sudden-death overtime playoff round over Minnstock and Hot Tub Time Machine to win the trophy.

Mike Glasenapp recorded the final out with a hit to a Minnstock player's leg.  Despite playing in many of his pairing's six games, Glasenapp said it was his ankle, not his arm, that was sore.

"I'm not supposed to be playing on it," he said.  "But it's Spring Jam and it's my last one."

The intensity became increasingly more noticable throughout the night as players and spectators realized what was at stake.  Joy and frustration filled the north gym depending on which sideline you were on.  The entire gym erupted after an out was recorded.

Initially each pairing played each other in a best of three series.  But similarly to Tuesday's first round pool play, each team swept a series and a three-way tie resulted.

The overtime format featured the same matchups but with some different rules.  Three players – 2 men and a woman – were chosen from each pairing for a sudden-death game.  No substitutes were allowed and no players could re-enter the game if they were called out.

Saved by the Bid narrowly beat Hot Tub Time Machine in the second game after the final player from each time hit one another near the center line.  Referees met in the center of the court and determined that the Hot Tub Time Machine player was hit first.

The second win came a little easier for Saved by the Bid, beating Minnstock with two players still in the game.

Glasenapp said there was no new strategy for him in the overtime games.

"My philosophy was to hang in the back and let them make the mistake," he said.

There was confusion throughout the night as to the court boundaries and rules of the game set up by Spring Jam.  Pairings frequently asked the referees for clarification about rules and how players were being called out.

After seeing series last for over 20 minutes in the initial round, Spring Jam coordinators expanded the boundairies to make the games go faster.

In the end, Saved by the Bid came out on top, followed by Hot Tub Time Machine in second and Minnstock in third.

Pairings now turn their attention to service day, ballyhoo competition and band competition, which are scheduled for the next three days.