Tribbett underestimates U.S. public

I am writing in response to John Tribbett’s Feb. 3 opinion piece “Suspending disbelief in the march toward war.” Not one person I have spoken with is taking the potential for war either lightly or like the simple American idiot the author makes us out to be.

I wonder if you would make the same statements when in the company with those who are sending their sons, daughters and friends to the Gulf. Clearly, as our troops are expected to reach over a hundred thousand soon, many will be touched by this conflict. Whether in support, or in protest, the decisions ahead are wrenching.

There are those of us that support the use of multilateral force. To imply that support is inactive ignorance is arrogant drivel. Let’s not forget Saddam Hussein’s history: use of chemical weapons against his own people and those of Iran, squandering of the oil-for-food program and humanitarian aid – diverting its resources and starving his own needy, and flagrant violation of U.N. resolutions past and present. These and many others are very good reasons to support the potential conflict. By addressing the war, but ignoring the complexity of the issue, the space and ink are of meager consequence.

Furthermore, President George W. Bush does not have the clear support of the public. I believe the polls represent a concerned, cautious, and conscientious population, not deer caught in headlights. I have a suggestion for Mr. Tribbett: Pushing your anti-war agenda with such disdain will win your cause no support. And to the Daily: Please use more discretion in order to provide articles which thoughtfully provoke, rather than insult and demean.

Rolf Hallberg, University College, Help the Rich