Response to ‘Nickels and dimes’

Michael Leviton

In response to yesterdayâÄôs letter to the editor, âÄúNickels and dimes,âÄù I would like to point out the disgust the author professes when he mentions the health care reform bill as being the âÄúbiggest government power grab in nearly half a century.âÄù What, might you ask, was the previous power grab the government dared to assert itself with? What was the tyrannical act the federal government took on states to ensure a more socialist society? For people of this mindset, it is civil rights legislation. ThatâÄôs right, disgust with the federal government nearly half a century ago for daring to ensure that blacks and other minority groups have the same rights as white Americans. How one could be upset that the federal government enacted laws to limit discrimination on the basis of oneâÄôs race is completely beyond all sensibilities and sensible discussion. Michael Leviton, University faculty