Culture compass — writers, climbers and Rubik’s cubers

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome.

Grace Gouker



Books âÄî Parts of a Whole

Minnesota Center for Book Arts

1011 Washington Avenue S.

6 p.m.

The exhibit on new projects created by bookmakers at the MCBA will include literary works of art to make the eyes drool. The textbooks at the University of Minnesota Bookstores have got nothing on this.


Passion for FlashinâÄô

Vertical Endeavors

855 Phalen Boulevard, St Paul

As the largest Midwest climbing extravaganza of its kind, this event will host almost 200 novice, mediocre, and professional climbers. Regardless of skill level, there isnâÄôt enough to be said about climbing a vertical rock and living to tell the tale. Just watching is a heart-racer, too.


World Cubing Association Speedcubing Competition

Mall of America

60 E. Broadway, Bloomington

11 a.m.

Since weâÄôll all be feeling a bit like Chester in âÄúDude, WhereâÄôs My CarâÄù on Sunday morning anyway, why not toss a RubikâÄôs Cube (or 40) into the mix? Insecurities about solving these cubes will be justified when watching a 14-year-old child hastily click all of the cubes into place within 30 seconds.W

Culture to Consume:

Read This: âÄúInside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the WorldâÄôs Most Dangerous WebsiteâÄù by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Domscheit-Berg is in deep. The former WikiLeaks second in command already has Assange slapping a lawsuit on him âÄî for leaking insider information. Oh, how the tables have turned, Assange.

Listen to This: âÄúWhy DonâÄôt You Call MeâÄù / âÄúI MindâÄù âÄî James Blake

A dubstep producer has worked with Blake to integrate a London interpretation of Jamaican R&B with a lot of piano and dramatic pauses in between sweeping cre- and de- crescendos. There is no space for disappointment with any of those things.

Watch This: âÄúAnatomie de lâÄôenferâÄù

Catherine Breillat is usually hit-or-miss as a director. Her newest release, âÄúBluebeard,âÄù is an utter catastrophe, but âÄúFat GirlâÄù is a staple in an auteurâÄôs movie collection. âÄúAnatomie de lâÄôenferâÄù has all the male/female dichotomous Other theory, with Rocco Siffredi, a French porn star, in the lead male role. What could have gone horribly wrong with that mash-up is instead transformed into a seamless and stark critique of gender relations. And itâÄôs âÄî thankfully âÄî accessible enough to those outside the GWSS major regardless of that last fact.

Drink This: An Old Fashioned at NyeâÄôs Polonaise

Sip on this classic while watching âÄúThe WorldâÄôs Most Dangerous Polka Band.âÄùThe middle-aged woman straddling the piano bench during karaoke will just look that much more appealing.

Eat This: Free meat taco at Taco Bell

Thank god America isnâÄôt frugal about their lawsuits. Free meat tacos at Taco Bell are being handed out after the chain was sued for using beef that didnâÄôt actually contain that much beef. In retaliation, Taco Bell asserted that they use 88 percent meat in their meat concoctions, and wants the public to see for themselves. We were all going there after Thirsty Thursday, anyway âÄî the freebies are just a party bonus.