Break sees rise in thefts on campus

Also, a student called police after a man allegedly filmed her inside a women’s restroom.

Aaron Job

With many students away, theft remained the biggest contributor of campus crime over spring break, according to the University of Minnesota Police Department.
Other recent incidents involved a laptop theft, stolen packages and invasion of privacy.
Invasion of privacy
A University of Minnesota student called the police after confronting a male who was allegedly filming her inside a women’s restroom in Walter Library on Saturday, according to a police report.
University student Kailey Leach said she confronted a male who had been filming her from underneath a stall in a second floor women’s bathroom in Walter Library. 
Leach said the man denied that it was him filming her from the stall.
After leaving the restroom, Leach said she talked to security, who then put her in contact with law enforcement. 
“We searched the area but didn’t find the suspect [Leach] described to us,” said UMPD Lieutenant Troy Buhta. “That floor of the library doesn’t have cameras either.”
The case is currently inactive and awaiting new information, according to the police incident report. 
“I didn’t really remember a whole lot,” Leach added when asked to describe the man to police. “His eyes were like the most bloodshot eyes I’ve ever seen. There was like no white in his eyes.” 
Theft at FedEx
Packages were reportedly stolen from the FedEx at 612 Washington Ave. SE.
University design student Jacob Westmore said his wallet was stolen almost two years ago and believes someone has been using his ID to pick up packages under his name.
Westmore said he’s had “upward of 20” packages stolen from him since he started living in Minneapolis.
The most recent packages were picked up in the afternoon of March 17.
According to Westmore, the FBI has been involved and is currently investigating the case in conjunction with the Minneapolis Police Department.
Laptop stolen
A laptop and backpack were reportedly stolen from the reception desk of the University of Minnesota Medical Center.
Matthew Maple, a University student who works at one of the reception desks at the hospital, told UMPD that his MacBook Pro was stolen earlier this month.
“I had to go back to the recovery room to talk with the nurses,” Maple said. “I was only gone for a couple of minutes.”
Maple said he contacted hospital security shortly after he returned to his desk and discovered his laptop missing.
Buhta said police searched the area but were unable to find anything.
“We’ve put out a search on the serial tracking number to all pawn shops,” he said, adding that Maple’s laptop didn’t have a tracking device in it.